A girl in “Feathery” sleeve kurung and A boy in “The Gentlemen” Baju Melayu with Songket pocket square and instant Sinjang sewn with pants.

Made with crepe cotton that is fantastic for your FUSSY and ACTIVE toddlers.

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The “Femme Fatale” pieces are of a bold and mysterious siren. The designs are defined of different cuts with intricate detailing, presenting a timeless update in fashion and luxury. The dark hues exudes power as well as a colour code in the Bruneian flag.

The “An All White Affair” collection is curated to be pure and designed to be a classic. The pieces are a minimalist chic option proofing that less is more.

The “Red Blooded Vixen” is a queen of her kind, a magnificent union of luxury and elegance. This red burgundy collection represents the majestic panji-panji of the Brunei flag.

The “Enchantress” is made up of yellow and gold hues that encompasses the royal flag of Brunei. Modern yet modest, a wearable collection for the day and night.

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The Forrér girl is Feminine, Fresh and Functional

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